June 17, 2012



This the venue of EXO-K’s suprise event preparation.. What you guys doing so hardworking on? What? What…??

               EXO-K’s vocal line - D.O and Baekhyun post for preview camera shot!!


              The cute member of EXO-K that cannot be missed maknae Sehun’s aegyo kiss~!!!

              You can only meet all this handsome performer, after inkigayo, at fanmeeting only~!!

The charismatic member shone on stage !! Off stage totally natural looking. Born in year 94, Kai’s gave a V sign~!!

Hello :)
There’s only few hours left for EXO-K’s last broadcast.
It feels like not long since first met and now already come to last broadcast .. T-T

But, however„
You’ll be waiting for us right~

We will bring you EXO-K’s best comeback if you wait for them„

We will be together with EXO-K even after SBS Inkigayo’s for the mini fanmeeting together with heart fill with love and support for EXO-K~ *^^*

Jaja~~!! Wanna know what is the suprise event don’t you?
LIke what Suho mentioned although this this suprise even will be kept as secret for the timebeing.. we’ll show you EXO-K’s suprise event preparation first!


Everyone that I love!! EXO K! MAMA! last broadcast ended~ thank you for supporting and loving us. We’ll be back with more handsome side. You’ll going to wait for us right?~Hehe (yes~!!) Okay~ hehe. Really, we’ll be back with a handsome side!! Please wait for us, Love you & thank you >_<~ [Baekhyun]


EXO-K mini fan meeting - letter from Sehun: everyoneeee~ our last broadcast has ended!! Tears falling.. But never mind! Shall we do a quick (?) activity again?? Haha keke everyone, let’s be together till the end~~ Thank you (for being with us) until now! I love you~ [Sehun]


EXO-K mini fan meeting - letter from Suho:

Hello I’m EXO-K members’ guardian leader Suho. It’s like yesterday was just our first stage… It’s already our last broadcast… Heuk Heuk TT I’m very sad. I want to see our fans even for 1 more day! Hehe but never mind!! We’ll do our best, work hard & practise hard to prepare for our next album while thinking of our fans!! Don’t forget EXO-K!! And please give us more~~ love! I love you. [Suho]

[Source from EXO-K fans ]

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