September 16, 2012

G-Dragon's wants you to be "One Of A Kind" and get your "Crayon" comeback stage on Inkigayo

G-Dragon has finally released his EP ‘One of a Kind‘ and today held his first comeback stage.

Performing “One of a Kind” together with labelmate, Taeyang. G-Dragon showed once again he is a true entertainer.  His explosive charisma and attention to detail made for an eye-popping  performance.

His title track “CRAYON” was written and composed by both TEDDY and G-Dragon, and the title ‘Crayon’ is a hybrid of ‘crazy’ and G-Dragon’s birth name, Jiyong. The title also means ‘Crazy On‘, reflecting G-Dragon’s style of going all in for a new project.

The “Crayon” performance was just as crazy and wacky as you would expect given the meaning of the song title.

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