January 21, 2013

The girl group Tiny-G (타이니지) releases MV for “MINIMANIMO“ (미니마니모)

             The girl group Tiny-G (타이니지) releases MV for “MINIMANIMO“ (미니마니모)

Tiny-G has already  promoting their latest single on music shows, it wasn’t until today that the full music video  for comeback track , “MINIMANIMO“ (미니마니모) was revealed earlier this month.

The girl group debuted their new track on today's episode of Music Core, performing the upbeat dance track in colorful clothing. With their comfortable and loose-fitting outfits, the members gave off an easygoing and fun vibe, adding to the song's happy tunes.

Tiny-G officially debuted with the release of their self-titled single last August, sporting pop/hip-hop hybrid look. A few months earlier, in May of the same year, they released the digital single "Polaris" as part of the TV show "Music And Lyrics."

Show off more of their cute and adorable charms this time around, The music video is bright and spunky befitting the energetic song,The couple song to their digital single “Come Out to Play” is a bit more funky but keeps the fun groove that the girls enjoy.

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