June 11, 2013

SISTAR (씨스타) releases MV + full album "Give It to Me"

 SISTAR has released  the music video for their latest title song, “Give It To Me”!

“Give It To Me” is the title song off of their second official album. The song was produced by hit maker Duble Sidekick, who also behind their summer hit song “Loving U”, and is arranged by a famous producer Kim Do Hun.

The music video for "Give It to Me" was directed by Joo Heesun, who has also worked on other music videos for SISTAR, including "Alone" and "Loving U."

 Inspired by Moulin Rouge and Cirque de Soleil, the music video for "Give It to Me" contains glamorous, sultry shots that show off a sexy image of SISTAR. The sexy choreography also incorporates elements of the tango, adding another dimension to the music video's sensual atmosphere.

 The perfect harmony of the group’s alluring performance, video’s aesthetic factors and splendid stage setting captivated eyes of fans.

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