November 2, 2013

Rookie hip hop duo Alphabat reinvented as 9-member group!


Rookie boy group AlphaBAT has finally make their debut and introduced themselves beforehand in a special promotional video as endorsement models for apparel brand 'BOY LONDON'!

AlphaBAT is a group that has totally reinvented itself as a brand new group. The group actually started off as a hip hop duo, but after label changes and one of the members leaving, 8 new members were added to create a new 9 member boy group although the name was kept the same.

Their agency Simtong Entertainment stated, "Their debut album set for release this November will be a totally different concept from their promotional video. Please look forward to their various charms."

신인 보이 그룹 "알파벳" (AlphaBAT)드디어 데뷔를하고 의류 브랜드 'BOY LONDON'에 대한 승인 모델로 특별 프로모션 동영상에 미리 자신을 소개했다!

알파벳 완전히 새로운 그룹으로 탈바꿈하였습니다 그룹입니다.그룹은 실제로 힙합 듀오로 시작했다,하지만 이름이 같은 유지되었지만 라벨 변화와 떠나는 멤버 중 하나 후, 8 새 멤버는 새로운 9 회원 소년 그룹을 만들려면 추가되었습니다.

You can check out on Facebook Rookie group AlphaBAT


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