August 13, 2014

B2ST to release next Japanese album [BEAST JAPAN BEST] “Good Luck” promotions


the successful ending of their “Good Luck” promotions as well as a goodbye concert, BEAST is reported to currently be in preparations for their upcoming album in Japan this Fall!

Called “[BEAST JAPAN BEST],” this next album will contain thirteen songs plus a bonus track for B2UTY’s from overseas to enjoy. All in all, the full-length album will include eight new Japanese renditions of previous Korean hits and five new songs written and made entirely in the Japanese language. Due to be released on Wednesday, September 17th, Universal Music Japan has allotted a little over a month for fans to save up for their next purchase.

Songs include:

"SHOCK" (JPN ver.)
"BAD GIRL" (JPN ver.)
"MYSTERY" (JPN ver.)
"FICTION" (JPN ver.)
"RAINY DAY" (JPN ver.)
"Midnight" (JPN ver.)
"Shadow" (JPN ver.)
"Sad Movie"
"Around Christmas Carol"
"Another Orion (Additional recording)"
BONUS – “To More Than You Think” (New song)

Additionally, BEAST will be releasing a special “[Good Luck –Japan Edition –]” album, in which fans will be able to buy a single CD with the digital single to listen to the Japanese version first-hand. The price is 2,000 Yen, while the three versions of the impending “[BEAST JAPAN BEST]” album range from around 3,000 to 5,000 Yen.

The biggest package, which includes the CD, a DVD, and a U-CONNECT card and booklet costs around 5,000 Yen. Meanwhile, just the CD and U-CONNECT package is priced at 3,650 Yen, and just the CD is 3,000 Yen. Prices do not tax and all albums will be sold on September 17th.

This will mark another comeback from BEAST after the enormous success of their previous Korean comeback. Stay tuned for more updates about their next set of performances in Japan.

그들의 "행운을 빕니다"행사의 성공적인 결말뿐만 아니라 작별 콘서트, 비스트는 현재 일본에서 그들의 곧 앨범이 준비에있는 것으로보고있다!

팬이 일본어 버전을 처음으로 직접 듣고 디지털 싱글과 하나의 CD를 구입 할 수있는 앨범, - 또한, 비스트는 특별한 "[행운을 빕니다 - 일본 판]"를 출시한다. 가격은 2,000 엔​​입니다 동안 약 3,000 ~ 5,000 엔​​에서 곧 "[BEAST JAPAN BEST]"앨범 범위의 세 가지 버전.

CD, DVD, 및 5,000 엔 ​​주위에 U-CONNECT 카드와 책자 비용을 포함하는 가장 큰 패키지. 한편, 단지 CD와 U-CONNECT 패키지는 3650 엔에 가격이 책정되고, 그냥 CD는 3,000 엔​​이다. 가격은 세금을 부과하지 않고 모든 앨범은 9 월 17 일에 판매 될 예정이다.

이는 이전 한국어 컴백의 엄청난 성공 이후 비스트의 또 다른 복귀를 표시합니다. 일본 공연의 자신의 다음 세트에 대한 자세한 업데이트를 계속 지켜봐 주시기 바랍니다

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