September 29, 2014

BTOB releases Music Video for "You’re So Fly" (넌 감동이야)

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BTOB has finally made their return with the music video for "You're So Fly", the title track to their 5th mini album, "MOVE"!

On 29th, broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show, BTOB said, “If we win first place on broadcast, we will have a movie date with the fans.”

The BTOB members said, “We want to watch a movie with all the fans who come to the show that day.

"You're So Fly" is the work of Tenjo and Tasco, and is a retro-dance song that will get fans to 'move' out of their seats! The video's vibrant color scheme, along with the eye-catching dance moves

, "You're So Fly", including four other tracks that run the gamut from heart-stoppingly beautiful to energetic dance songs.

BTOB는 마지막으로 " 넌 감동이야"에 대한 뮤직 비디오와의 수익을했다, 그들의 다섯째 미니 앨범, "이동"을 타이틀 곡!

"넌 감동이야"10 조 및 조교 공동의 작품이며, 자신의 좌석에서 '이동'에 팬을 얻을 것이다 복고 댄스 곡입니다!눈길을 끄는 춤 동작과 함께 동영상의 생생한 색상,

정력적인 댄스 곡을 아름다운 마음에서 영역을 실행 넷 다른 트랙을 포함하여, "당신은 그래서 비행하고".

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