June 5, 2016

SHINee’s Jonghyun as your friend? Jonghyun turns into “3-Minute Friend”

SHINee’s Jonghyun as your friend? Jonghyun turns into “3-Minute Friend” as he hosted the June 4 episode of tvN’s “SNL Korea 7.”
SNL’s “3 Minute” digital short series has become popular, and in this, episode Jonghyun becomes Kim Min Gyu’s “3-Minute Friend.” Kim Min Gyu summons a variety of friends, all played by Jonghyun. Each friend embodies a different flavor/type listed on the box.
Jonghyun also turns into a North Korean singing in the North Korean dialect as “Comrade,” and a monk as “Really Close Friend” (in Korean “jeol-chin” is best friend, but the first part of the word can also refer to temple to make it sound like “temple friend”).
Despite many tries, Kim Min Gyu is hilariously unsuccessful at finding even a single friend to simply eat dinners

당신의 친구로 샤이니의 종현? 그는 TVN의 'SNL 코리아 7 "의 6월 4일 에피소드를 호스팅으로 종현은"3 분 친구 "로 변신
SNL의 "3 분"디지털 짧은 시리즈가 인기를 끌고있다,이에, 에피소드 종현은 김 민 규의가됩니다 "3 분의 친구."김 민 규 친구의 다양한 모든 종현 연주를 소환. 각 친구가 상자에 나와있는 다른 맛/형태를 구현한다.

November 7, 2014

BLOCK.B's Zico (지코) release "TOUGH COOKIE" (터프쿠키) MV+19 for Solo Debut featuring Don Mills

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블락 비의 지코는 솔로 경력에 큰 걸음을하거나 공식적으로 돈 밀스을 갖추고 자신의 "터프 쿠키 'MV,의 출시와 함께 대답하는 믹스 테입을 발표했다!

그는 황폐 한 차를 차고에 강간 차로 포즈, 여성에 달려 있습니다로The 지저분한, 힙합 개념은 잘 캡처됩니다. 그의 동료 블록 B 회원들에 의해 출연도 있습니다!

노래는 인기를 얻기 쉬운이며 지코 그의 랩에 푹 팬을 보유하고 있습니다.

Block B's Zico was making a stride in a solo career or releasing a mixtape is now officially answered with the release of his "Tough Cookie" MV+19, which features Don Mills!

The grungy, hip hop concept is well captured as he raps in a run-down car garage, poses by cars, and hangs out with twerking women.  There are also appearances by his fellow Block B members!

The song is also catchy and Zico has fans mesmerized with his rapping.

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