October 19, 2012

Epik High releases MVs “UP” and “Don’t Hate Me” + ’99′ album

 YG Entertainment, the Epik High members named the album ’99′ for a number of reasons: their love of the number “9″, the 9 songs in the album (plus one short track), and the aim to “[embrace] the meaning of music” for 99% of people, not the top 1%. The album includes two title tracks: “UP” featuring Park Bom of 2NE1 and “Don’t Hate Me“, a song promoting the group’s “anti-hate” campaign.

The music videos for these two songs were revealed as well. "Up" is filmed at a skate park and utilizes creative video editing such as making the music video all black and white except for select areas of red and blue, a comedic scene of the three members working in a convenience store occurs. Suddenly, children pop into the store and intensify the already chaotic mood.

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