May 21, 2013

FT Island′s JaeJin and AOA′s Choa sing to promote ′High School Musical′

FT Island′s Jae Jin and AOA′s Choa have gotten togethe for  duo

The two stars of Korea′s "High School Musical", Jae Jin and Choa, appeared at the musical′s press conference at CGV Cinecity′s M Cube in Seoul′s Cheongdam-dong on May 20th.

At the press conference, the two singers performed a cover of the classic Frankie Valli love song, I Can′t Take My Eyes Off of You.

FT Island's Jae Jin, who will be playing the male lead, Troy, (played by Zac Efron in the movie original), said, "This is my second musical since Rain Shower (Sonagi) in 2009, and I′m happy I′ll be acting in a bright and responsible role this time, completely different from the one I took up for Rain Shower. I believe my new role as Troy will help me become a better actor. I′ll work hard to live up to expectations."

For AOA's Choa, High School Musical will be her first musical attempt. At the press conference, she said, "I will be playing the role of the lovely, shy girl Gabriella, who excels in math, is pretty, is good at singing and is an ′umchinddal′. Even though I′m not an ′umchinddal′, after watching the movie, I felt that there were surprisingly a lot of similarities [between me and the character].

She added, "The shy and bashful elements are especially similar, so I want to immerse myself in the character and do well. Because the seniors I′m working with have been so warm, I′ve been practicing happily."

The musical will premiere on July 2 at Seoul′s Blue Square.

[Source + Image FNC via EnewsWord.Kr]

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