September 17, 2013

F-Ve Dolls (파이브돌스) releases Music Video "Deceive" (사기쳤어) + "Can You Love Me?" (사랑한다?안한다)

Girl group 5dolls (F-ve Dolls) has returned last week with their comeback music video or "Can You Love Me?) or (Love You, Love You Not)", but the fun doesn't stop there as they've now dropped their mini album

Along with the other tracks on the album, the girls have revealed music video a second title track  'Deceive', which is a bit more upbeat and bright than their first title track, but still has sad lyrics.

This song is with more ballad-style tracks, the group commented, "Rather than presenting an idol group image, we want to show you a group that has grown talent wise by showcasing our vocals."

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