September 10, 2013

Rookie girl group GI (지아이) release Music Video “Booshit” (뻥치지마) featuring Dok2


Rookie girl group GI (Global Icon) has released the full music video for their original title song, "Don't Lie (Booshit)," featuring Dok2

After release The mini album consists of their pre-released track "Because of You", "Don't Lie" which features the rap styling of DOK2, their debut song "Beatles", as well as other feel-good songs.

 Their title track is cleverly titled "ㄱ" which is pronounced as "Gi". Reportedly, their music video for "Gi" will show a more upgraded look from their previous tomboy image.

The dance and a music video, it shows the girls having fun as they dance and repeat the catchy song title over and over again in a hypnotizing fashion.

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