September 17, 2013

Super Junior's Heechul revealed photo friend with f(x)'s Sulli..

Super Junior's Heechul is finally discharged from the military and of course there's so much catching up to do with his friends. One of his close friends is f(x)'s maknae Sulli, who is also his label mate.

On september 12th, Heechul shared a cute photo of himself along with Sulli on his Instagram account captioning, "Sulli is always smiling, even when she's lonely or sad. When I asked her if it was difficult to always smile, she simply laughed in response. Sulli and Tiffany are both happy viruses. I'm just a virus. By the way, why does Instagram keep cutting off my photos?"

Heechul and Sulli makes some cute iconic poses in a sticker photo booth. The top photos were cut off but on the bottom the idols look like they were having fun.  Anyone want to teach Heechul some Insta-cropping skillz?

Netizens who saw Sulli and Heechul photos commented, "Aren't those two nine years apart? But they look good together nevertheless", "They look like an adorable oppa and dongseng" and "I think these two are both happy viruses."

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