November 1, 2013

FIESTAR (피에스타) releases Music Video “I Don’t Know” (아무것도 몰라요)


The girls of FIESTAR are back and bring along a new sound and concept for their comeback with single album 'Curious'!

The song "I Don't Know" is a title track by their new CEO Shinsadong Tiger, the girls intrigue with the incorporation of the familiar melody heard in children's songs.

With their latest single ‘Curious’, the six-member group has launched an impressive total of three releases in a little more than a year since their debut. The single contains two tracks including title song “I Don’t Know”, “Hey Lolly Lolly”, along with a remix version of "Hey Lolly Lolly" by R.Tee.

피에스타의 여자 싱글 앨범 '호기심'과의 컴백에 대한 새로운 사운드와 개념을 따라 뒤로하고 가지고!

노래는 "아무것도 몰라요"그들의 새로운 CEO 신사동 호랑이, 아이들의 노래에서 들리는 익숙한 멜로디의 설립과 소녀 음모에 의해 타이틀 곡.

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