December 23, 2013

Bangtan Boys releases Christmas track, “A Typical Idol's Christmas” (흔한 아이돌의 크리스마스)


The hip-hop crew of Bangtan boys (BTS) has released a special Christmas track titled 'A Typical Idol's Christmas'!

This year's Christmas track is a spiritual successor to last year's similarly-titled 'A Typical Trainee's Christmas', which reflected on the BTS members' grueling training and their hopes to become an idol. Now that they've debuted, this year's holiday song focuses on what has changed in their past year!

Based on a Justin Bieber track, the song was written by SUGA, J-Hope and Slow Rabbit and remixed by Pdogg.

올해의 크리스마스 트랙은 BTS 구성원의 지독한 훈련과 우상이 될 그들의 희망에 반영 작년의 유사라는 제목의 '일반 연수생의 크리스마스'에 영적인 후계자입니다. 이제 그들은 데뷔 했으니 올해 휴가 노래는 지난 해에 변경된 내용에 초점을 맞추고!

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