December 11, 2013

EXO revealed the season merry with freestyle rap battle 'The Star' + 'Oven Radio'

EXO's Oven Radio that makes you want to see again with DJ Kai,Tao, Kris and chanyeol's rap battle episode.3!

Their sweet voice, our ears become happy..bling bling visual makes our eyes happy.. with EXO's Oven Radio!  DJ for the third time is DJ's tall boyz and rapper line!

The five members revealed that they came together for five minutes as the voices behind their Christmas track "The Star" and the tall member and rapper lineup in their group. Kris also chose himself as the most romantic guy in EXO and Chanyeol even dedicated his rap to Kai during the hilarious freestyle rap battle.

You can look [ Oven Radio episode2 ]

DJ 카이, 세훈, 크리스, 타오, 찬열의 랩 배틀!

다섯 멤버들은 자신의 크리스마스 곡 "별"과 그 그룹의 멤버 키와 래퍼 라인업 뒤에 목소리로 5 분 동안 함께 온 것으로 나타났다. 크리스는 또한 엑소 및 찬열에서 가장 낭만적 인 사람도 재미있는 프리 스타일 랩 배틀 중에 카이에 자신의 랩을 다하고 자신을 선택했다.

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