December 13, 2013

FT Island’s Hongki rushed to the hospital for stomach pains

FT Island‘s Hongki was recently rushed to the hospital for having stomach pains.

On December 12th, FTIsland  Hongki showed signs of stomach pains this afternoon so he went to the hospital and got checked up. He was diagnosed with the early stages of intestine inflammation. He received some medicine and is taking some rest right now.”

Fortunately, Lee Hongki’s stomach pains has gone away after receiving hospital treatment.

However, he will be seeing how things go with his health to see if his future schedule needs to be changed or not. It is reported that he already talked things over with the staff of his upcoming drama and has rescheduled his filming without any problems.

Meanwhile, FT Island is receiving a lot of love for their latest single, “Madly.” Hongki is also cast for the upcoming melodrama “Bride of the Century” along with Yang Jin Sung, Sung Hyuk, Jang Ah Young, Kim Ah Young and Kang Pil Sun. The first filming has already ended at the moment.

다행히, 리 홍기의 복통은 병원 치료를받은 후 멀리왔다.

그러나 그는 일이 자신의 미래 일정이 변경되거나하지 할 필요가 있는지 확인하기 위해 자신의 건강과 이동 방법을 볼 수있을 것입니다. 그것은 그가 이미 그의 곧 드라마의 직원들과 일을 통해 이야기하고 아무 문제없이 자신의 촬영을 재조정했다고보고있다.

한편, FT아일랜드는 "미치.", 그들의 최신 싱글에 대한 많은 사랑을 받고 홍기도 곧 멜로 드라마 양 진 성, 성 혁, 장 아 영, 김 아 영과 함께 "세기의 신부 '에 캐스팅 강 필승 태양. 첫 번째 촬영은 이미 순간에 되었습니다...

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