December 14, 2013

SHINee's Taemin revealed he wants to adopt when he gets older!

SHINee's taemin has revealed that he wanted to adopt children when he got older!

 Shinee's Taemin and Apink's Na-Eun talked about their future plans. During the conversation, he revealed, "I want to adopt children later on." If you remember, he'd previously asked fans to give love to people who need it more than he did on his birthday.

The couple had to go pay utility bills, and went over to the bank. The pair were asked various questions by the financial adviser at the bank. Unlike Na-Eun who was flustered by her first experience, Taemin handled the situation maturely, surprising the staff.

샤이니의태민과 에이핑크의나은 은혜는 자신의 미래 계획에 대해 이야기했다.대화하는 동안, 그는 "나는 나중에 아이를 입양하려고합니다."밝혀 당신이 기억한다면, 그는 이전에 그는 자신의 생일에했던 것보다 더 필요한 사람들에게 사랑을주는 팬을 물었다.

부부는 공공 요금을 지불 가야했다, 그리고 은행에 갔다. 한 쌍의 은행에서 재정 고문으로 다양한 질문을했다. 그녀의 첫 경험에 당황했다 나 - 은혜와 달리, 태민은 직원을 놀라게 성숙한 상황을 처리.

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