January 13, 2014

Super Junior’s Heechul reflects on Life and Growing older.

        Super Junior’s Heechul Reflects on Life and Growing Older

Super Junior‘s Heechul left a reflective message on his Instagram that many fans can connect too.

On January 12th, Heechul updated his Instagram and wrote, “I feel I have gotten older… when I have to go to wedding parties or funerals more often… When I was younger, I used to laugh away and say, ‘Why do people make a wish to the moon? Will it come true if they do that?’

"내가 나이 들었다고 느낄 때는.. 결혼식장이나 장례식장을 갈 일이 점점 많아질 때.. 어릴 땐 "왜 달을 보고 소원을 빌어ㅋㅋ그런다고 이뤄지냐?ㅋㅋ" 라고 웃었던 것들이 어느새인가 '얼마나 간절하면' 이라는 생각이 들게 되었다. 모두가 행복하긴 어렵겠지만 모두가 힘들지만 않았으면 좋겠다 "

However, now I think, ‘How desperate they must have been.’ While it is hard for everyone to be happy, I wish that not everyone was having a hard time.”

Along with the message, Heechul also uploaded a photo of the image from Super Junior’s third album “Sorry, Sorry.” In the image, 13 members from Super Junior are there, including former members Hangeng and Kibum.

On January 8, Super Junior Leeteuk‘s father’s and grandparents’ funeral took place and many of Leeteuk’s celebrity friends have relayed their condolences. Heechul joined the leader in grieving for the deceased...

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