May 16, 2014

EXO-K’s Suho talks about ‘Kris crisis’.

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EXO-K's Suho has opened his mouth about bandmate Kris’ sudden decision to file a lawsuit against group’s management company on Yesterday (!5th)

“It is an irresponsible action. (He) should apologize to the members of EXO and the company,” Suho said in an exclusive interview with OSEN, a Korean entertainment news company.

It was the first time that an EXO member had talked about Kris since his claims about SM Entertainment and lawsuit against the company.

“All of the members talked about it. We can’t really understand Kris’ actions. We all are confused and have mixed feelings about the matter,” Suho said backstage after EXO won came first on Mnet’s “M countdown.”

The leader of EXO-K Suho said, “I think it was irresponsible as (Kris’ actions) didn’t take EXO into account.”

“We don’t have any problem with the company. What Kris should do now is to drop the case and to apologize to the members and the company.”

Kris, the leader of EXO-M, filed a lawsuit Thursday against SM Entertainment, claiming that he has been exploited and seeking contract nullification.

Meanwhile, despite the “Kris crisis,” EXO managed to grab the first place trophy on the show with their new EP, “Overdose.”

“We will always be EXO who care about more than ourselves and who care about EXO’s fans like our slogan, ‘We are one,’” Suho said in the acceptance speech.

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